Brake Inspection and Service

Your vehicle’s brakes are a critical safety system and require an annual inspection and service of all working components. Over the course of a year, dirt and debris from normal driving accumulate in the brake system. Some of the symptoms will include the formation of rust on brake rotors and drums, sticking and tight pads in mounts and tight caliper pins. This can cause premature brake wear and failure of certain components.

Brake Inspection and Service includes:

  • Visually inspect hydraulic system for leaks and condition
  • Remove all wheels and inspect brake pads and shoes, wheel cylinders, calipers, drums and rotors
  • Lift calipers, clean and service pads, mounts and slides, deglaze brake rotors
  • Drum brakes: remove brake dust and deglaze brake shoes, lube backing plate, inspect hardware and adjust
  • Adjust parking brake